(Late) Spring Flowers

It’s been a cold, wet Spring. We are over half-way through May and we are only just beginning to see buds on the trees and some flowers peeking out in Montreal. I went for a little walk around the neighbourhood last weekend to see what I could find. I appreciate the flowers even more after this very long Winter and very cold Spring.

IMG_3475 copyIMG_3471 copyIMG_3472 copy


Spring Tulips

Hello Spring? Are you there??? Mother Nature continues to deliver a lacklustre Spring (we have constant rain, grey skies, and cool temperatures here), so I bought some tulips so I could at least pretend Spring has arrived.

IMG_3378 copy

Spring? Winter? Sprin-ter?

A little reminder of what summer looks like…


I may have been a little too optimistic with my previous post (Spring Funfetti cupcakes) celebrating the arrival of spring. I’m not exactly sure what season we are going through here in Montreal, but it’s not exactly Spring weather, and it’s not exactly Winter weather… It’s not warm, but it’s not freezing, so winter coats are out. It’s not snowing, but there’s still snow on the ground, so winter boots are (still) in. It’s not sunny (in fact it’s been rather grey and overcast), but the days are longer, so sunglasses are sometimes (but not always) necessary (but only for very brief and unpredictable windows during the day). I don’t know how to feel! I hope it means that we are getting closer to the end of Winter, but you can never really tell…  Montreal has the habit of skipping over Spring and going straight to Summer. Since March is probably far too early for Summer, this makes me think that we probably have a few more weeks, maybe even a full month, of this weird Winter/Spring (Sprinter?) weather.

Fall Colours

I can’t get over Fall in Quebec! Everywhere I look right now is a stunning display of fiery colours, all blended together in a perfect combination. It makes me want to go on endless walks with my camera and pick leaves like bouquets of flowers…

It’s starting to get cooler, and the frost is starting to creep in, but I hope we have a few more weeks of these magnificent views before winter arrives!

Out and About

A few shots from a walk around the neighbourhood, before the leaves entirely change colour.

Sometimes, I get the urge to go for a walk with my camera. I don’t have a particular place or thing in mind, I just have a creative itch that I want to scratch. Sometimes when I go out with my camera I find oodles of things that I want to photograph. This time, it was not so. This time, I wandered far longer than I thought I would, looking for something beautiful or interesting to capture. It’s a hard time of year – there are very few flowers and the leaves haven’t quite started changing. Mostly, things look kind of dead or in the process of dying. Not exactly what I wanted to photograph… But then, this kind of walk forced me to look carefully and take my time. Nothing was jumping out at me or stopping me in my tracks, so it meant I had to slow down and change my expectations. It turned out to be a gratifying experience, even though it wasn’t what I was expecting. I guess you never know what will come up when you go out for a walk with your camera.