The Cupcake Series: Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter Weekend everyone! I hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend with an extra helping of Easter candy. I made some¬†coconut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and added some cute little white chocolate bunny ears (inspiration from The Cake Blog) to make them into an Easter treat! Because, clearly, there aren’t enough sweet treats around Easter time (amiright?!). Which one do you prefer??

Bunny cupcakes style 1 - Edit - 1Bunny cupcakes style 2 - Edit - 1


Champagne Cake Pops

I made these sweet little champagne cake pops for a birthday celebration! I made these with a white cake mix (prepared using champagne and some pink food dye) and vanilla buttercream. I dunked them in white chocolate and finished them off with a sprinkle of pink sanding sugar and peach pearls. Of course they look a little messy here, but I cleaned them up for serving! Instead of candy sticks they were served in cute pink polka-dot mini muffin liners. The perfect bite-sized birthday treat!

Champagne cake pops - Edit - 1 (3)


Cheesecake Brownies

I know it’s still only January, but I’m starting to get a little tired of the winter weather… Montreal had it’s first major winter storm last weekend. The snow just didn’t stop falling, and the wind kept blowing snow onto the just-plowed roads and sidewalks. Not to mention it felt like -28C out there… I was grateful that I didn’t have a sidewalk that I was responsible for shovelling because I saw my neighbours out no less than three times in one day (!!!) trying to stay ahead of the snow.

To fight off my winter blues, I made some decadent cheesecake brownies.

edit- 1

I gotta admit, at first I thought the recipe had way too much cheesecake batter (I wanted it mostly for the beautiful swirl effect on the top, rather than the actual taste of cheesecake) but I must say, these turned out just fine! I like the tang of the sour cream cheesecake against the sweet of the chocolate, and the smooth texture of the cheesecake against the chewy texture of the brownie. This recipe is a keeper!

Cinnamon Brioche

Ah, brioche…!

Version 2

You can’t go wrong with French pastry, especially when it has delicious swirls of cinnamon and sugar incorporated! These little cinnamon brioches come courtesy of my partner’s step-mom. She has been baking for years and knows what she’s doing! The other thing I love about brioche is that it’s considered a “breakfast bread” – I’ll go with that!

Chocolate Orange Shortbread

‘Tis the season! Shortbread is an absolute favourite in our household, and you DO. NOT. MESS. with a tried and true recipe, so I don’t get to play with it much at home. But… I had a casual holiday party that I was going to that was the perfect excuse to try this orange and walnut shortbread recipe.

The texture of these cookies were perfect: buttery and flaky. The orange zest and walnuts added a bit of something different. But they weren’t sweet enough for me, so I dipped them in a bit of chocolate and voila! A perfect holiday treat!

IMG_2959 copy