Yahoo! Calgary Stampede 2019

The Calgary Stampede is a one-of-a-kind annual event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is, at it’s heart, a giant rodeo, but it also includes barnyard animals, western arts and crafts, as-seen-on-TV shopping, tons of live music and entertainment, and a midway complete with delicious fair food. Growing up in Calgary, I have been to the Stampede many times, and have always enjoyed the festive atmosphere that the city takes on for those 10 days in July. As an adult, I spend less time on the rides and games and more time at the shows. This year we saw the Dog Bowl, the Stock Dog competition, and some trick riding. We also did a good job of eating our way through the midway. Here are some photos of my favourite treats from the day: Butterbeer ice cream, loaded wiggle chips, a bucketful of mini donuts, and deep fried oreos. Honourable mention to the deep fried coffee (which wasn’t really that great, but was at least an original idea).



The Cupcake Series: Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter Weekend everyone! I hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend with an extra helping of Easter candy. I made some coconut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and added some cute little white chocolate bunny ears (inspiration from The Cake Blog) to make them into an Easter treat! Because, clearly, there aren’t enough sweet treats around Easter time (amiright?!). Which one do you prefer??

Bunny cupcakes style 1 - Edit - 1Bunny cupcakes style 2 - Edit - 1

Happy New Year!

Happy 2019! This year, the moments just before the New Year arrived were spent wrapping wontons.

It is a family tradition to enjoy a bowl of wonton soup with a glass of bubbly just after the clock strikes midnight. While buying wontons is much easier and faster, most of the store-bought varieties contain pork, and I don’t eat pork. So, I have taken to making my own wontons. It is surprisingly easy to make wontons, it just takes forever to wrap them because each one must be handled individually. Nonetheless, this makes me appreciate the soup even more. There is something soothing in the repetitive motions of wrapping dozens of wontons, something extremely satisfying about getting the folds just right, and I always like to use my hands and get a little messy when making food to share.

This year, we barely got them done before it was time to countdown, but it was worth it.  Cheers to the year ahead!

Food52 Holiday Swap

This year, I participated in my first Food52 Holiday Swap! This is an international foodie gift exchange that happens around the holiday season. Members get matched with one person that they will send a package of goodies to (at least one thing needs to be homemade), and they will receive a package from a different person. The people that you are matched with can be from anywhere in the world: this year over 1,000 people from 15 different countries participated!

I had so much fun thinking about what to send to my giftee, and then I had even more fun bundling things together for her! I really wanted to send some cupcakes (because those are my favourite thing to bake! I’ve posted many, many cupcakes on this blog) but cupcakes are not entirely shipping-friendly, so I compromised and sent a cupcake assembly package.

Version 2

This box included: A cupcake notepad with recipe; cupcake liners (small tin); tools for decorating (red bag: mini spatula, two kinds of sprinkles, snowflake candies); sifted dry ingredients (gold bag); homemade gingerbread biscotti (large tin); homemade chocolate almond biscotti (paper bag); and a holiday tea towel. This box got bundled up and sent to New Brunswick. I hope she likes it!

In return, I received a holiday package from another f52 member in Toronto! This package was full of colours and sweets: THREE types of cookies, a gourmet chocolate bar, a new mixing spoon, and a holiday tea towel.


I had so much fun participating in this Food52 holiday swap! Giving is the best way to get in the holiday spirit. 🙂

Looking forward to next year already!

Halloween Cupcakes

I adore holiday-themed baking (past posts feature Halloween cake pops, Valentine’s Day macarons, St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes, Easter macaroons…. You get the idea!).

I’m a bit late for Halloween with this blog post, but I couldn’t resist posting these cuties!

IMG_2768 copy

Mini devil’s food chocolate cupcakes with orange buttercream frosting and ghost meringues (or “Black Cat” sprinkles).

IMG_2748 copy

The meringues were honestly more trouble than they are worth, so I probably wont be making them again, even though they made really cute cupcake toppers. Oh well. No more time to be thinking about ghost meringues, it’s time to start planning Christmas treats! (Too soon?)

Home Décor: Terrarium

I love house plants! I’m running out of places to put them in my apartment because I don’t have many surfaces… My coffee table already has two plants. My desk has two. My bookshelf has two… You get the idea.

I’ve had some bad luck lately with some of my plants. I think it’s probably the winter weather getting them down (I can relate guys..!) – but I’m hoping the longer days and extra sunshine perks them up a bit.

Thankfully, this new little guy doesn’t take up much space or need much in the way of special care. This came as a DIY gift from my mom – thanks for creative and fun gift mom!

IMG_1978 copy